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In 1980 I got my first curly, Firfot's Fanto (Darelyn Eamon / Darelyn Antonia). Breeder Tora Stormdal, Oslo. He was NUCh and Nordic Winner both in 1986 and 1987. Fanto was used for breeding twice in Finland, once in Sweden and three times here in Norway. In 1984 I got a bitch, Firfot's Hera II (Darelyn Quincey / Firfot's Exqusite). Hera II and Fanto had a litter in 1991, 4 bitches and 2 dogs. I kept a dog and a bitch from this combination : Fanto-Heimen's Ares and Arja. In 1996 I bred Arja with Darelyn Zephyr and had 3 bitches. From this combination I kept a bitch named Fanto-Heimen's Besserat de Bellefon (Bess). Both Arja and Bess are co-owned with Bjørg Hernes. In 1997 I visited Audrey Nicholls to look at her kennel Darelyn. There I also met Hannie Warendorf from Haag for the first time. In the year 2000 and 2003 I used her dog Caballus Kingfisher (Andy) in combination with Bess. I kept Fanto-Heimen's Clayman (C-litter) and Fanto-Heimen's Domela (Ella, D-litter) from these combinations. I also bred Fanto-Heimen's Ares in the Netherlands with Moselund's Fuga. I have always had liver curlies, except my last additions, Clayman, Domela and Edmund (E-litter), father: Firfot's Fanto (frozen semen), mother: Fanto-Heimen's Domela. I love my curlies very much, ever since it started more than 30 years ago. 


Bjørg Jarstein Skjulsvik
Haakon Odd Christiansens veg 23C
7048 Trondheim
Phone +47 92 88 71 28


Thanks to

Hannie Warendorf
Roar Øhlander
Bjørg Hernes
Heidi Garberg
Wenche R. Krogstad

Randi J. Aasheim

Erlend Hassel
for their beutiful pictures